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  • FreeScale LP1070/LP1071 Wireless Broadband Signal Processor (WBSP) - ultra low power consumption. Interfaces via either SPI or SDIO.
* Power Consumption for the full baseband of the Freescale LP1071 and LP1072 is as follows:
* Standby mode < 1 mA
* Receive mode 150 mW
* Listen mode 132 mW

The 13 x 16 x 1.7mm WLAN6100EB consumes under 500 uA in power-save mode, supports Linux, and comes in a QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead) package that enables direct attachment to a PC board using standard surface mount technology. Budgetary pricing is $29 in quantities of 50,000 units.

Functions include a baseband/MAC processor, VCO, power amplifier, RF-transceiver, balun, EEPROM, clock cscillator, T/R switch, bandpass filter, and software driver. The module supports CFIO, SPI (serial peripheral interface), and SDIO.

The WLAN6100EB provides advanced power save functions, IEEE 802.11i-compliant security features, Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization conformant with IEEE 802.11e, and an "advanced signaling interface" offering enhanced co-existence with Bluetooth devices.

   * Operational Voltage range: 3.0 to 3.6V
   * RF Power: +15dBm
   * Standby Current: < 0.5mA
   * Receive Current: 175mA(b), 275mA(g)
   * Transmit Current: 370mA(b), 450mA(g)
   * Physical Dimensions: 12.6mm x 15.8mm x 1.7mm
   * RF Interface: PCB pad
   * Host Interfaces: CF, SPI, SDIO 1&4 bit
   * Max Data Rate: 11Mbps (b), 54Mbps (g)

Redpine Signals, a fabless semiconductor startup, makes the Pine1-LP chip, which is the lowest power licensable 802.11b/g platform – drawing less that 170mA [377mW] for the complete SDIO/SPI based WLAN reference design during a 54Mbps FTP download; VoIP calls draws only 12.5mA [35.6mW].

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Ralink, a Taiwanese WiFi chip manufacturer they wrote their own GPLed Linux drivers, which work under ARM.

List of Ralink-chipset based WiFi products

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The UBS Belkin is only $20 at NewEgg!

http://ralink.rapla.net/ RA