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The GVP Tekmagic, also known as the G-Force was comprised of:

  • Either a 68040 or 68060 CPU
  • NCR/Symbios 53C710 SCSI controller
  • Two Altera FlashLogic EPX780QC132-10-based CPLDs, discontinued July 1996 EPX880 (compatible) datasheet
    • Modern replacement would be the Altera ACEX 1K, the IndivisionAGA also makes use of the EP1K30TC144 version of this component
  • Two Lattice GALs
  • Four 74LS* logic-level shifters
  • Two 27C256 EPROMs
  • A 3-pin voltage regulator
  • Four SIMM sockets (actually eight, four were GVP-proprietary and four were standard 72-pin, with only four usable at once)
    • Max RAM was 128MB