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Where to buy SCSI2SD

SCSI2SD-v5a-1-small.jpeg The SCSI2SD adapter is a solid-state device which allows you to use MicroSD media of any size as a replacement for aging, loud, and often failing legacy rotational disks. It can emulate multiple SCSI devices (up to four) at one time, with discrete SCSI IDs. or on the Inertial Computing eBay Store

Comparative Performance

  • Apple-branded Quantum ProDrive LPS 80MB HDD maximum sustained read speed of ~1.2 megabytes/sec, and a sustained write speed of less than 770 kilobytes/second.
  • Apple-branded Quantum CTS80S 80MB HDD - max sustained read 1.4 megabytes/sec, max sustained write 800 kilobytes/sec.