Proposed Hardware Specification

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Impetus Newton 2100
Release price $750? $1000, November 1997

$1180 in 2005 dollars

CPU (Freescale iMX31 ARM11 System-on-Module)
  • 532MHz
  • 1000mW max
  • 1200 Dhrystone MIPS
DEC StrongARM SA-110
  • 166MHz
  • 700mW max
  • 192 Dhrystone MIPS
  • 2MB NOR Flash (allows for eXecution-In-Place, for the bootstrapper, bootloader, kernel, and Io runtime)
  • 64 MB NAND Flash
  • 128MB Low-Power DDR
  • 8MB ROM
  • 4MB Flash
  • 4MB RAM
  • 800x480 full color WVGA 16:9 LCD, 7" diagonal
  • 3D accelerator capable of OpenGL-ES (iMX31 includes a PowerVR MBX Lite) See also PowerVR SDK
* 480x320 16-color monochrome non-standard ratio 6" diagonal 85dpi
  • Pen
  • Fujitsu USB2 sweep Fingerprint Scanner (~$6.00)
  • Audio/Voice
  • 3-axis MEMS accelerometer. Probably at least one external button-trigger to enable ease of use/toggling of the gyroscopic input.
  • Pen; no external buttons or scrollers
  • Audio
Expansion Slots 1x ExpressCard (USB2.0 mode only), 1xSD (SDIO capable) 1xPCMCIA and/or CompactFlash (CFIO capable) 2x PCMCIA
Sound Playback and Recording
  • 16-bit 48khz stereo audio (preferably with both a 44.1khz and 48khz clock to avoid resampling)
  • Microphone built-in
  • 8-bit 22khz mono audio
  • Microphone built-in
External Connections
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed On-The-Go (autoswitches client/host mode), at least two ports on the unit itself, rest of what chip supports on cradle
  • IrDA? (4mbit FIR is embedded on nearly all SoC's; The only hardware cost is the physical transceiver)
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR - BlueGiga WT12-HCI w/ UART firmware
  • Dock Connector which uses standard, purchasable connector
  • Ethernet on Cradle
  • CAN (Controller Area Network) bus interface
  • Proprietary Newton Interconnect Port (N.I.P.)
  • IrDA (1Mbit)
  • LocalTalk (230K RS-422 serial) on N.I.P.
  • RS-232 Serial port on N.I.P.

Battery: 4,000mAh-10,000mAh@3.8v


  • host computer USB
  • DC adapter plugged into unit
  • host computer USB through cradle
  • DC adapter through cradle
  • Cradle should have 2nd battery charge slot as well

8 hours average usage

  • Cradle
  • DC adapter plugged into unit

24 hours average usage

Live-updating Cost Estimate as a Google Spreadsheet

See also: Comparison of Freescale iMX31's video chip to 0-10 year old 3D game platforms