Potential Involved Individuals

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  • Kentaro Kurahone - San Francisco, CA - perhaps he's interested in this project? Alex has spoken with him. sigusr1 says: "As long as I have a devboard and a Abatron JTAG unit, I'm happy. ;) http://www.abatron.ch/ They cost ~$2500-$3000, and allow for a remote GDB interface over ethernet.
  • Alex Perez Santa Rosa, CA - runs this wiki, had the idea for a NextGen Newton
  • Maurice Sharp - Worked on the Apple Newton team, then worked for palm. Now works for Missing Sync Software. msharp@-@@-mac.com
  • Summer Misherghi Computer Software Consultant and Professional, San Francisco Bay Area. Worked at ??? (met via link Donovan sent me)
  • Paul Bonderson CTO & Vice President Strategic Development, Brocade Communications, (Retired) Mentor
*Oct 2, 2003 interview from cNet with John Sculley