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Amiga Ethernet

Momentus - Modular MPC860-based embedded PowerPC Amiga co-processor

A2964 Brainstorm only

FireMig Coldfire-based, MiniMig-derived

A1239 Amiga 1200 030 accel / SDRAM expansion board


VC68040 Hypothetical 040 softcore based on UAE emulation code.

MonteroBus - A new and novel way of re-using the original ISA lane pinouts to carry modern and backwards-comatible PCI and ISA data lanes.

KickBrick - A 21st century kickstart replacement based on modern flash memory devices.


OpenLDI Adapter LDI/LVDS to DVI adapter for SGI 1600SW LCD

Inertial Computing Original

TI REF3312 5v to 3.3/2.5/1.8/1.25v SMT voltage regulators

SN74LVC4245A TI Octal Bus Transceiver And 3.3-V To 5-V Shifter With 3-State Outputs