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Freescale Semiconductor MCIMX31 Multimedia Applications Processor Product Overview

Freescale Semiconductor MCIMX31ADSE i.MX31 Application Full Development Kit Direct Link to ordering. Available January 9, 2007. $3,999.

MCIMX31LITEKIT from Avnet Electronics - $675 list - Unavailable on-line. Contact Avnet Sales at 800.332.8638 -

Avnet San Jose
1820 McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 408-435-3500

Freescale i.MX31 Linux Board Support Package (BSP) FREE

Freescale i.MX31 System-on-Modules from LogicPD

Freescale i.MX31 LITEKIT from LogicPD - ~$700 - includes one System-on-Module (612) 672-9495, product.sales@logicpd.com

i.MX31 devkits from Arrow, one of Freescale's suppliers

i.MX31 overview page

Intel PXA270 Starter DevKit - $564@DigiKey-InStock

Intel PXA270 Processors - 624MHz-$57, 520MHz-$50, 416MHz-$33 in single qty@DigiKey

Intel PXA270-based SBC modules from Logic Product Development $229/ea-$382/ea, depending upon speed and RAM configurations. Minimum order of 10 units.

CompuLab - very nice Israeli source for Intel PXA270-based XScale Computer-On-Modules

Intel PXA270-based Embedded Core Processor Module 520MHz 64M SDRAM 32M FLASH from Digi International. Single quantity price.

Toradex 520MHz Intel PXA270 SoM's starting at $152/ea for singles, $139/ea for 500-999 qty, $116/ea for 1000-9999, $103/ea for 10k+


Philips/NXP Semiconductor full CAN-bus 2.0b chip $2.50 in quantity, $5.00ea single.


ExpressCard connectors and card enclosure supplier - Duel Systems, Based in San Jose

Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) a California-based Non-profit corporation

LG-Philips LCD US distributors and sales reps

BlueGiga Bluetooth 2.0+EDR+Adaptive Freq. Hopping modules - $50/ea in single qty's from SemiconductorStore.com

WinTec OEM Solutions Division Bluetooth Modules Class 2, Bluetooth 1.2 - these guys also do OEM PCB design and such

Analog Devices ADXRS401 MEMS 31-pin Gyroscope - the evaluation board is only $65 each in single quantities directly from DigiKey, and the ICs themselves are $42 each in single quantities from DigiKey, or $22 each in quantities over 1000 direct from Analog Devices.

Makes MEMS gyroscopes but they seem really expensive for no apparent reason

Analog Devices ADXL330 3-axis accelerometer, very cheap, $10.42/ea. for qty. 36+ from DigiKey, $9.95 ea. for single quantities direct from Freescale.

Freescale Semiconductor MMA7260Q 3-axis Accelerometer, $5.67 in qty. of 1000+

Fujitsu MBF320 Fingerprint Sweep Sensor $6/ea - also see Fujitsu.com Press Release

MagnaChip CMOS Image Sensor Product Matrix - Contact Info - based in Santa Clara

Qimonda (Formerly Infineon) CellularRAM - 64/128/256MB 1.8v Pseudo-Static RAM in a VFBGA-54 package

Qimonda (Infineon) 1.8v Mobile DDR - Arrow has 512MB HYB18M512160BF Qimonda ICs for $17.16/ea. No Stock. Call Arrow at 1-800-833-3557. Future Electronics also has them

Qimonda Distributors

Qimonda Mobile-RAM Power consumption comparison PDF - makes for a nice read

Micron Mobile DDR - 128 (MT46H8M16LFCF-75 - $12/ea) / 256 (MT46H16M16LFBF - $15-17/ea) / 512MB (MT46H32M16LFCK-75 - $20/ea from Arrow)

Hynix Mobile DDR - 256MB & 512MB

Hynix Mobile PSRAM - 64Mb

ExpressCard 34 12-in-1 media card reader - $29

eBay seller out of Singapore who sells ARM development boards

Philips-NXP LPC3180 - 208MHz ARM9 microcontroller w/ USB 2.0/On-the-Go

Cirrus Logic EP9315, much lower end 200MHz, but very inexpensive SoC which can do a ton of shit

Sphere II - Cirrus EP9315-based full-featured single board computer

NVidia GoForce Mobile 2D/3D Chipset