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The HP 4000m network switch is an 80-port, 10-module PCI-based 10/100 megabit switch. it uses a switch engine module based on the Intel i960 32-bit microprocessor, which uses PCI.

There is a uClnux port to the i960. The original page is gone but it's still linked from uclinux.org, and the internet archive copy on how to build the kernel can be seen at http://web.archive.org/web/20001206005600/www.cse.ogi.edu/~kma/building.html - the routing module uses

Also see http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/ports/i960/

and the HP J4115B uses the [Broadcom 5400KTB [1][2]] see http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/20733636/aview/32024_HP_J4115B_1.jpg for a photo

Parts List of the HP J4121A Switch Engine Module (which uses a 236-pin card-edge connector, with one set of 38 pins (x2, for each side) and one set of 42 pins:

  • Intel NG80960JD66 (66MHz) LO19QA36 c) Copyright 1994.
  • HP 1821-3879 LSI L2A0984 Q 9943 *triangle* *triangle* (yes, symbols) WLB42051 - BGA form factor
  • 2x [Samsung K7A203600B-QC14 [3]]- 64Kx36 & 64Kx32-Bit Synchronous Pipelined Burst SRAM
  • AMD AM29LV160BB-120SC Copyright 1997. 16mbit (2M x 8-Bit/1M x 16-bit) CMOS 3.0 - SOIC44 form factor
  • 2x NEC D431636LQF-A6 - one on each side of PCB
  • 1x MAX311ECAI connected directly to DB9 connector. pins run off to HP LSI chip
  • 3x NatSemi XM04AD LM3596S -ADJ P+ (5 pin)
  • 6X Samsung K4S1616220-TC80 RAM
  • 1x NatSemi TM03AB DS1489AM (backside)
  • 1x NatSemi 84BG LM317(rear)
  • 1x TI 93A8VDK LVC85A (rear)
  • 1x TI Q4C9TKK LVCQ8A (rear)
  • 1x TI D/05EE3EK LVC04A
  • 1x Motorola PLCC20 10H116 PBN0022
  • 2bex Philips 74HC14D
  • 1x Philips 74LVC573AD KQL466ME (rear)
  • 1x unknown 34081 XAWVB