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Bill of Materials

The FireMig will be a significant evolution of the original MiniMig design. It's intended to co-exist with both the (eventual) Clone-A project, as well as the NatAmi projects. Thanks to the newly-released (Q1 2009) MCF52254 from Freescale, it will include both USB and Ethernet, and will ship bundled with AROS since distribution of genuine Amiga ROMs and Workbench is Verboten, but will be able to boot from a kickstart image just as the original MiniMig did.

  • 168-pin PC66 DIMM socket, prepopulated with a 64MByte DIMM.
  • 2MBytes of flash, 1MByte of which is user-flashable. The remaining reserved space is used for device initialization and failed-flash recovery.
  • In lieu of the original 40MHz PIC18LF252 with integrated 256 x 8 flash, the FireMig uses a 100-LQFP MCF52254AF80 ColdFire V2-core based __microcontroller__, with 512Kbytes embedded flash at 80MHz, which costs $9. Alternatively, the 144-pin MCF52258 can also be used, which costs $10. This provides 96 user I/O pins, versus 56 on the 100-LQFP variant.

Xilinx XC3S400-4PQG208C As used in the original Minimig. $25

Freescale ColdFire 5407 at 162MHz. $29 from Newark