Buddha Flash BOM

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Buddha Flash Phoenix Bill of Materials

1x 44 pin miniIDC
1x 40 pin IDC
1x 21-pin mini-IDC
1x 3-pin jumper
1x AMD PALCE 16VH-7JC/5 9605EBA B $2.15/ea
1x AMD Mach210-15JC -18JI 9602GPA A $3.00/ea
1x CSI CAT28C256P -15 O9612B - CATALYST (now ON Semi) - 256K-Bit Parallel EEPROM
1x SMT 221 (ohm?) 4-pair resistor pack
1x SMT 562 (ohm?) 4-pair resistor pack
5x unknown value SMT Capacitors
3x 74LS245 bidirectional 20-SOIC Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State non-inverting Outputs $0.20@Quest