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As of late 2018, two megabit i2c EEPROMs cost approximately $1.75-$1.85 in single quantities:

A two megabit i2c EEPROM can store 250 kilobytes A 128 kilobit i2c EEPROM can store 15 kilobytes

  • ST M24M02 - 2Mbit i2c EEPROM 1MHz, 400kHz, and 100kHz clock compatibility
  • Atmel AT24CM02 - 2Mbit i2c EEPROM from Atmel - 256K x 8 (2 Mbit), 400 kHz and 1 MHz clock compatibility
  • Microchip 24AA128 128kbit 400kHz, 5V, $0.50/ea
  • Microchip 24FC128 128kbit 1MHz, 5V, $0.50/ea

Amiga Userland

i2clib40 library itself requires at least 2kBytes. i2cscan uses another 14kBytes, ReceiveI2C uses 10760 bytes, and SendI2C uses 10196 bytes

Boot an Amiga from a disk image embedded into the ext. ROM

Also of interest: public domain DEFLATE ASM

Amiga NFS client